C8 Corvette fell off of a lift

Owners who have paid for their new C8 Corvettes are still waiting for their deliveries. Although as things in society start returning to normal we should see more of these new C8s on the road.

With more cars on the road, there is the risk of the cars getting in accidents. While last year there was a red C8 Corvette that fell off a lift at a shop, now in 2021 we encounter the same scenario. Most standard dealerships aren’t used to working on rear-engine cars.

The weight which would normally be in the front of the car is now over the rear wheels. If the mechanic doesn’t account for the weight in the rear the car could fall backwards. This incident involved a Rapid Blue-painted Corvette. While no on was hurt the car was severely damaged.

The door and fenders suffered pretty bad damage. That and the fact that the car hit the floor might have caused some structural integrity issues. The Corvette that fell off the lift in May of 2020 was totaled out and listed on Copart. This C8 probably won’t be far behind. All in all there is insurance and no one lost their lives.


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