Anti-Millenial/GenZ Car Theft Device Thwarts Criminal

An Anti-Millenial/GenZ Car theft device, or a standard transmission, kept a would be 21 year old robber from stealing an suv. A local resident noticed something quite odd when he saw a man attempt to break into his truck. The owner confronted the suspect, who fled on foot. Soon after the owner of the vehicle ran and got in his SUV. The owner eventually caught up with him when the suspect allegedly pulled a knife.

The owner of the vehicle surrendered his SUV and ran back to his home to call the police. The suspect then tried to drive off in the SUV but he wasn’t equipped with the right skills to drive the standard transmission. The suspect was found by police shortly after. He fought with police but was placed under arrest.

The 21 year old was charged with, assault with a weapon, assault with the intent to resist arrest, assaulting a peace officer and theft over $5,000. Never has it ever been more true that a manual transmission is a great theft deterrent.

Do you know how to drive standard? Let us know in the comments below what you would do!

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