A thief broke into a Jeep then replaced the antenna

  • •Thief breaks into Jeep and then replaced his antenna
  • •Still no reason why the thief decided to make the trade

Being robbed is one the of the worst feelings you can have. But when the thief breaks into your car then starts replacing things it might leave you a little confused. That’s what happened to one user on Reddit. He questions the motives behind why the thief broke in and then replaced his antenna.

The user goes by kichu182. In a post Kichu recalls that their car was broken into a few weeks back. The thief rifled through all of their stuff looking for something valuable.  Fortunately for him the only thing their were able to steal was their toll-highway pass. But then recently their stereo stopped working correctly.

Kichu states that their normally use CDs (Compact Disks for those younger folks) and an aux cable.  Well when they tried to switch to the radio they weren’t getting any signal. Kichu decided to clean out their car when they discover their bent antenna laying on the floorboard. After the car was further inspected Kichu found out that someone had replaced his antenna with a new shiny silver one.

It’s definitely a weird predicament. If the thief did replace the antenna what do you think he reasoning was? Let us know what you think in the comments below! You can go check out the post here.

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