A man’s Honda S2000 fell off a shop lift

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Most of us don’t like having to get work done on our vehicles. Sometimes it’s a hassle, you have to break out your checkbook and at times it can be time consuming. Even if it’s something as simple as a tire or oil change. Usually you expect the shop to return your car in better working condition than the way you left it. Well one man was devastated when he saw that his Honda S2000 fell off a shop lift.

The Youtuber who goes by TheSupercarSuspects was having some clutch issues with his S2K(S2000). He was unable to get the car into gear they they originally suspected that the issue was caused by a malfunctioning slave cylinder. After replacing the part, filling the reservoir back up with brake fluid and bleeding the slave cylinder they came to the hypothesis that either the master cylinder or the clutch was bad.

The owner ended up having the car which he calls the “Banana Mobile” towed over to a local shop. He enlisted the shop to replace the clutch but the following day he got some unexpected news. Upon arrival he sees that his S2K is laying sideways between the two hydraulic lift posts.

It was originally determined that the lift failed but after some investigation this might not have been the case. There is widespread damage all over the car. First you notice damage to the rear bumper and the exhaust. It looks as if the car tipped backwards damaging the rear first. In addition there is damage the the left of the car where the arms of the post came in contact with the car.

It’s not until a tow trucks arrives that you are able to see the extent of the damage. The right side of the vehicle is smashed and dented. The front right fender in particular has a huge gash from the impact. Luckily no one was hurt. We do have to ask what exactly happened? Did the lift fail? Did someone not know what they were doing? Why do you think this man’s Honda S2000 fell off a shop lift? Let us know in the comments below!

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