A Ford Raptor gets towed because it parked in an EV’s parking spot

EVs or Electric vehicles are becoming more and more mainstream. With Tesla breaking barriers it won’t be surprising when a majority of the vehicles on the road run strictly on electricity. Although with all things positive there are negatives. There is a sort of hate for EVs. Why? We aren’t too sure but it’s apparent.

From people getting pennies tossed at their Teslas to people randomly keying electric vehicles some people just dislike EVs. It has even become a trend to block charging stations. It seems pretty petty to block EV spots but people do it all the time. Maybe it’s a response to people blocking diesel pumps.

Well the owner of a Ford Raptor in Berlin, Germany had his car towed for this reason. He backed into a parking spot specifically for an EV. He took up two spots and prevented other drivers from being able to charge their cars.

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The police were called and they enlisted a two truck with a crane to remove the vehicle. Why do you think EVs get so much hate? Do you think they should’ve towed his truck? Let us know in the comments below!

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