A Kiwi Youtuber manages to sell a cardboard Lamborghini for over $10,000

Most people love seeing Lamborghinis. The supercars provide a high level of performance while having an eye-catching appeal. Depending on where you live you might never see one of these rare cars in the wild. Although for most car fanatics they almost always have to take a picture to share with their friends.

One Youtuber, who goes by DavidSJones felt the same way after he had the opportunity to drive one of the Italian supercars. Although, because David is on the younger side no rental company would allow him to rent one of these cars.

Instead of getting down because he couldn’t get his hands on one of these Lambos he decided to make one of his own. By using an online cardboard template he was able to make mini version of the Lamborghini Aventador.

He started by using a small template and scaling it to a larger size. He use a projector to increase the size so he could trace the shapes onto pieces of cardboard. After the many shapes were cut out DavidSJones hot glued the pieces together to make the cardboard Lamborghini Aventador’s body.

He gives the vehicle the name, “Cardborghini.” Funny enough he puts a license plate on the car which says “Honda.” The Cardborghini was originally supposed to be powered by an electric skateboard, although they scratched that and kept its Fred Flinstone car. In other words, your feet give the car power.

After the video was filmed the car was put up for auction to support the Starship Children’s Hospital in New Zealand. DavidSJones orignially thought the car would sell for around $50 but it managed to rake in over $10,000.


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