Now is your chance to race a cop at a “Taking it to the track” event

We all know that street racing is illegal. Not only can it land you in jail but it’s also pretty dangerous. While there is nothing like lining up on a backroad and running someone to see who’s faster there are better options when you have the need for speed. In certain states your can get the oppurtunity to race a cop.

One state in particular, Colorado, is having a Taking It to the track event at the Bandimere Speedway. The Colorado State Patrol is hosting the events every Wednesday through October. Their goal is to prevent people from engaging in illegal street racing and to steer them towards racing at the track.

Not only is racing on the track safer it can also keep you out of a ticket. If you’ve ever wanted to race a cop now you can. The $40 admission fee is a small price to pay to keep your car out of the impound lot and to keep you out of jail.

The racing starts at 4:30pm so be sure to get there at or a little before 4:00pm. Daily drivers, race cars, hot rods, muscle cars, sport compacts, trucks, and motorcycles are all welcome! No eliminations, just fun!

Bandimere Speedway

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