A guy turned an Acura NSX into a Lamborghini Diablo GT

Replica cars are quite common nowadays. When you can get the looks of a supercar at a fraction of the price who wouldn’t want to own one? While most of the replicas are built on a Pontiac Fiero platform there are some that are even more special.

One guy decided to turn his Acura NSX into a Lamborghini Diablo. The 90s Acura NSX was cool on its own. They have actually gone up in price over the years. If you want to get a used one used you’re looking at close to $100,000

This Replica Lamborghini Diablo GT is being sold on Ebay for $175,000. This is a pretty steep price when the car still has the standard powertrain. Looking at the car it looks pretty spot on to the real thing. It includes the scissor doors and a Lamborghini engine cover.

Other than the sound of a V6 rather than a V12 who would know the difference? Check out the listing and let us know if you would drive it below

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