How many spark plugs are in a v8 engine?

Having to work on your car can seem like a daunting task. Although, if you have the right tools and information you can usually get the job done yourself. Something like changing out spark plugs can become normal maintenance that you can do yourself.

How many spark plugs are in a V8? There are typically 8 spark plugs in a v8 engine. A V8 engine has 8 cylinders. This means that there is one spark plug per cylinder. In some rare cases, there can be 2 spark plugs per cylinder. Although, the safe bet is 8 plugs.

Number of Spark Plugs for V8 By Make

MakeHow Many Spark plugs
Land Rover8
Polestar 8
Rolls Royce8/16
This can vary based on the specific model

There is one piston per cylinder, and one piston per cylinder. If you can figure out how many cylinders you have you can gauge how many spark plugs. While this isn’t always true especially with some Dodge and Mercedes-Benz vehicles most will fall into the one spark plug per cylinder category.

One reason why you might want to know how many spark plugs a V8 has is if you’re doing a tune up. A tune-up, which shouldn’t be confused with an oil change, is the maintenance of the ignition parts. During a tune up you will change the plugs and wires. Newer cars don’t have wire . They have been replaced with ignition coils.

Ignition coils go bad just like wires. But if you only have one misfiring then it may be cheaper to just replace one. There’s no reason to replace all of the ignition coils when you do a tune-up.

How many spark plugs does a v8 engine have?

You can expect 8 spark plugs for a V8 engine. The “8” in “V8” refers to the number of cylinders. Each cylinder requires at minimum 1 spark plug to operate. This can be seen when you have a bad spark plug. It can cause a misfire which can, over time, be catastrophic for an engine.

Some V8 engines can have 16 spark plugs. This is determined by how the engineers designed the car. Maybe it needed more spark or it has some specialized ignition timing. These are usually cars like Dodges and Mercedes.

If you are working on a car it’s best to know where every part is. With a V8 engine, the engine is in the shape of a “V.” On the top of both sides is where the spark plugs normally sit. If you have a V8 engine you should be able to tell by looking at it.

Depending on which way the V8 is oriented you may have to look near the firewall to see some of the spark plugs. Always check your owner’s manual for the exact specifications of your vehicle.

What is a spark plug?

A spark plug is an essential part of your engine. Without it your engine won’t operate. This device sends a spark that ignites the fuel in your engine. It’s typically connected to a wire or an ignition coil. This wire sends electricity to the plug which then causes the tip to spark.

These plugs are screwed into your engine using a ratchet and socket set. You could even buy a spark plug tool to remove and install plugs. Spark plugs go bad after a while so they should be replaced at regular service intervals.

How do I know how many spark plugs I need?

Finding out how many spark plugs you need can be found in multiple ways. You can first check your owner’s manual. This manual will list maintenance information. You should be able to find how spark plugs your car needs in the back of the book.

Over time the owner’s manual may get up and leave. In that case, you can get a new manual to give you spark plug information. It will also include other essential repair information for your car. It’s a great thing to have when you want to work on your own car.

Another way is to open your hood and look at the engine. Find where your spark plug wires are and count them. There will typically be 4, 6, or 8 wires. If you don’t have wires then you may have ignition coils. Find out how many there are and you’ll know how many spark plugs you have.

Why can’t you get socket on the spark plug? 

If you decided to change out the spark plugs yourself give yourself a pat on the back. Most people would just pay someone else to work on it. If you are having trouble with the socket getting on the spark plug you either have the wrong size socket, the plug has a different size or there is something keeping you from getting the socket down all the way.

The first two can be tested by changing the socket size. In most instances, the spark plug socket size should be a 5/8. Although, in some instances, you may need a bigger or a smaller size socket. Some sockets have a larger outside diameter. By getting a thin wall socket you may find it’s easier to get the spark plug out.

Can I spray wd40 in the spark plug hole?

Yes, you can spray wd40 in the spark plug hole. This will help with removing the spark plug. Although, you want to be sure that you use it sparingly. Otherwise, when you go to install the new plug you could end up overtightening it. Spray a little bit of brake clean or throttle body cleaner to make sure you get the wd40 out of the threads. This is something you should avoid. If you are looking for something to keep the spark plug from seizing use anti-seize.

Can you use Loctite on spark plugs?

No. While you could say that Loctite can work on anything your spark plugs are the last place you want to do that. Loctite is used to keep bolts secure. Spark plugs usually don’t need to be that tight. Refer to your user’s manual for the exact torque spec.

There is no reason to use Loctite on spark plugs. It will only hurt you when you try to remove them. You don’t want to make it difficult to get spark plugs out. Otherwise, you might be replacing the cylinder head.

Do spark plugs have a shelf life 

Spark plugs in the right conditions don’t have a shelf life. Although, with time and the elements the spark plug can rust and become unusable. If you have a spark plug in good condition there shouldn’t be any issue using it. Just make sure that the electrode is in good condition.

Can a spark plug unscrew itself?

If a spark plug isn’t installed correctly it can become loose. When you install spark plugs you should use a torque wrench. This special wrench will tighten the spark plug to the correct tightness to ensure that the plug won’t become loose.

Check your manual to see what the torque spec is. When your torque wrench is set correctly it will make a click while tightening. This means that the plug is tight enough.

What causes weak spark on spark plug 

Like most parts of a vehicle spark plugs eventually fail. This is usually due to the electrode wearing down. The electrode is the part that sparks. After it wears down it doesn’t produce as good of a spark. This can be due to the spark plug gap being increased over time.

Spark plug wires or ignition coils that have gone bad can cause a weak spark on a spark plug. Without the correct amount of electricity going to the spark plug, you can have a weak spark. It’s best to replace the plug if you are having a misfire.

Can you over tighten spark plugs?

Yes, you can over-tighten spark plugs. This can be done with brute strength or if a lubricant was applied. Overtightening can cause your spark plug to strip. You’ll have to get the head replaced or the spark plug hole rethreaded. Both of these can be avoided by using the correct torque wrench and pressure.

A rule of thumb is wrist tight. Get the spark plug as tight as you can by just the movement of your wrist. Some people are stronger than others so it might end up getting too tight. Torque wrenches are the way to go!

Do spark plug wires go bad with age?

Spark plugs can go bad with age. This is due to the electrode wearing down over time. Tune-ups should be done based on the service intervals. This will make sure that your car will operate its best. If you have never changed out your spark plugs getting a tune-up can improve things like your power, better mileage per gallon, and will help your engine run smoothly.

Can I use a different spark plug?

While there are different brands and styles of spark plugs you have to use the right one for your car. That is to make sure that the size and threads are the same. There are different qualities like copper, platinum, double platinum, and iridium. Your manual should list which one the manufacturer prefers.

Do I need a torque wrench for spark plugs?

Yes, you should use a torque wrench for spark plugs. It makes sure that you are tightening the spark plug enough but not too much. Otherwise, it might turn into an expensive mechanic bill. People back in the day got away with just hand tightening spark plugs down.

While this may work for older cars newer cars are more advanced and require a higher level of detail. That’s why having and using a torque wrench when you need to tighten bolts is a good choice.

Can you use a normal socket for spark plugs?

You can use a normal socket for spark plugs. Make sure that you are using the right size and that i’s narrow enough to fit in the spark plug hole. It’s helpful to have a magnet nearby. Spark plug sockts usually have rubber grommets to grab onto the plug.

If you use a regular socket you might have trouble getting the plug out of the hole. This is where the magnet comes in. When you go to install the new plug you can use the magnet to gently place it in the hole. If you just drop the spark plug in you could end up damaging it.

To sum up

There are different V8s for most makes and models. Depending on your car you could have 8 or 16 spark plugs. V8 engines usually have 8 plug while there are a few who have a total of 16. Refer to your user’s manual to see how many your need.

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