A barn find Ford Falcon sells for $215,000

It is always cool to find a rare car hidden in a barn. Opening up an old barn and finding an old muscle like a Ford Falcon happens only every once and a while. Some of the cars sell for high prices.

A 1973 Ford Falcon XA GT RPO 83 was made by Ford Australia. It’s estimated that they made only 120 coupes. This particular car was found in a chicken coupe in Australia. We think it’s pretty fitting that the car has been nicknamed the “Chicken Coupe.”

In 1988 the owner originally stored the car in his barn after finding out how much he’d have to pay for insurance. The original owner passed away in December. Plenty of people tried to buy the car from him to no avail.

After his passing the car was listed for auction on the Graysonline auction site. The Ford Falcon managed to sell for $300,909 AUD which is equivalant to about $215,000 USD.

This 1973 Falcon GT RPO 83 hardtop came with a 351 engine with the Phase 4 headers and a Holley 780 carburetor, power steering, as well as body stripes and luxury options such as power windows, tinted glass and air-conditioning among other additions.

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