13 Semi trucks line up to prevent man from killing himself.

In this world and especially on social media and the news there is a lot of negativity. With everything looking dim it’s kind of difficult to make it through some days. Well when there is good news it can really turn things around. When people make positive impacts it helps restore hope in humanity.

A man in Detroit, Michigan wanted to end his life. It’s not known what brought him to the breaking point but his fate was already decided. Police received a call that a man was hanging off the side of a bridge with the intent to commit suicide.

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Police were able to enlist the help of some nearby truck drivers. 13 Big Rigs lined up under the overpass to inhibit the man from falling a fatal distance. After three hours of talking to the individual the police were able to save the man.

Without the help of the selfless strangers driving up who knows if the situation would have turned out for the worst. People helping other people out of the kindness of their heart really does make the world a better place.

Source: SpeedSociety

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