Man throws cement block at a Tesla Model 3

Hate for Teslas is becoming more and more common. It’s not that there is a real reason why people hate these cars. It seems like the just dislike them because it’s becoming more a trendy thing. Some people throw coins at the cars on the highway. Some bikers kick the cars when they see them. One man took it to the next level by throwing a cement block at a car that was parked on the side of the road.

A man in British Columbia had parked his car on the side of the road behind a VW. After a night out he started walking back to his car when he was alerted that the alarm went off. Upon arrival his windshield was completely destroyed.

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After checking the sentry footage from the car a man is seen picking up a large cement block. He then walks past the parked VW to purposely damage the Tesla Model 3. Unfortunately there is no clear image of the man’s face. This makes it pretty difficult to find the suspect.

Police are looking for any information or leads that would help to finding the crook. Leave us a comment below about your thoughts. Why do you think people hate Tesla?

Source: Tesla Canada

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