Youtuber Adam LZ buys a 30 acre compound for car shenanigans

Creating car content for Youtuber isn’t always easy. A lot of things that attract viewers are stunts that can be dangerous or illegal. People want to see street racing and drifting which can be a problem when you don’t have access to a private track.

Adam LZ is a car Youtuber is known for owning some of the most popular enthusiast cars. From a S13 240SX with 500WHP to a Porsche 911 GT3RS he has a pretty extensive collection. Most of his videos are of him and his buddies working on cars.

Although back in the day he had a lot of street drifting. Normally they would go to an industrial area and have some fun in the parking lot. Although cops showed up which would always cause issues. Instead of taking the risk of making some of his content on public roads Adam LZ recently purchased a 30-acre complex.

There are multiple buildings for the crew to make new car content for his viewers. In just a small portion of one building he was able to store all of his car collection. This shows the sheer scale of how much room they have. In the video they have a cinematic portion which leads to Adam drifting around the complex.

Adam states that the complex is so large that it would be a 6 hour video showing what all the area has. In future videos Adam LZ said he’s going to show more of the complex

Adam LZ

How much did the Adam LZ compound cost?

Based on county records the property sold 3/26/2021 for $1,999,999. The property was originally listed for over $4,000,000. That’s one heck of a deal!

Where is the Adam LZ new compound?

The property is located east of Orlando, Florida. Although we’ve decided to not share the address to respect Adam’s privacy.

Who was the compound’s previous owner?

The previous owner of the property is believed to be Shearers Foods company. Supposedly the property was passed on to one of the sons in the 70s and was listed for sale for a few years ago.

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