Why do car guys go to Mexico

If you’ve ever known a car guy chances are they have a fascination with “Mexico.” Although it might not be for the reasons your think. While Mexico is a beautiful country car guys tend to see it as something else.

It all goes back to street racing. While not all car guys take part in racing on public roads a large portion of enthusiasts have no problem showing others how fast their car is. One of the best ways to get known is to have a fast car.

If you engage in a street racing you can claim the title for having a faster car than your competitors. Street racing can be a very dangerous activity to engage in. Plenty of people get hurt or even killed at some of these events.

Unlike regulated drag racing, street racing doesn’t really have any safety precautions. That’s why racing on public roads isn’t the best idea. You could end your life or someone else. O.K grown-up stuff aside we all know that illegal street racing happens.

You don’t really want to race somewhere where there will be a lot of people or traffic. That’s why in movies like the Fast and Furious the group usually picks a deserted road in an industrial park for racing. Getting caught street racing is not good. It can get your car impounded and might wind you up in the slammer.

While racing in the United States on public roads is illegal car guys tend to joke around and say that they street race in Mexico. By telling someone that they raced in Mexico it is jokingly saying that they didn’t do anything illegal in the United States. Therefore nothing they did is punishable by law.

In street racing videos they will sometimes say that street racing activities were performed on a closed course. On the other hand, they may just say that they were in Mexico when recording themselves driving 100MPH+ on a public roadway.

Why do car guys go to Mexico?

Car guys don’t actually go to Mexico per se. It’s a way of saying that they can’t get in trouble because they were street racing in another country. Although, it’s unlikely that just stating “I was racing in Mexico” will ever hold up in court.

If you do decide to street race make sure you take the proper precautions. Just one error could mean the end of your life or someone else. If you have the need for speed just take your car down to your local drag strip.

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