Whats the best car raidar?

Car raidar which is correctly spelled car radar is a device used to detect the radar guns of police. By using this device you can lessen your chances of getting a speeding ticket.

Police sometimes sit in the middle of the highway beaming their radar down the road to catch speeders. Once they get their sites on you they can read your vehicles speed and use this to write you a ticket. If you have a lead foot a car radar may be the right choice for your.

One of the best car radars is the ESCORT MAX 360c. This radar is the first of its kind. It works the best with connected cars. Join the community of over 3.5million users. Get radar information in real time sent straight to your device. Plus with the Escort App you can stay up to date with all of the driving conditions.



This car radar comes with built-in Wifi. The ESCORT MAX 360c connects with the onboard wifi which allows it to get real-time data and update the driver. With this information you can stay ahead an possible avoid speeding tickets.

360° Directional Alerts

With this radar you get 360 protection. The Escort Max 360 pans a full circle so you can be sure that you are covered from all angles. Plus the radar is equipped with an on-screen arrow display which allows you to see where the laser is coming from. No need to worry about blind spots with this device.

Escort Radar

AutoLearn™ Technology

The radar comes with the AutoLear technology which uses various methods to dial in your specific needs. With the GPS feature it can track your route and prevent false signals. As you continually drive with it it becomes smarter and provides your with even better detection. Based off your speed the device can learn when the best time to alert you is.

Car Radair IVT Filter™

Nobody like false alarms. Over time false alarms cause you to blow them off. That’s why with this Escort Max 360 car raidar you don’t have to worry that you’re not getting the best detection. Things like adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance systems can throw off most car radars. Although with the IVT Filter you can avoid theses issues all together.

Defender™ Database

With the Defender Database you gut up-to-date information on speed traps and more. From speed cameras to red light cameras you get can rest assured that you are getting important information to save you from tickets. You can also create hotspots and mark locations.

Intelligent Speed Sensitivity

Intelligent speed delivery allows your device to learn your driving habits and speed conditions. It prevents false alerts by only going off when you are speeding. This allows the device to provide for precise detecting.

car raidar – car radar


Ease of use

This device is easy to setup. You don’t have to worry about difficult instructions or complicated connects. Simply set it and go.

Real Time Data

No need to wonder if you’re getting the best data. With this device you can get real time data that alerts you of speed traps and more. Avoid costly speeding tickets by purchasing this Escort Max 360 radar scanner.

Huge Database

Connects to a huge database full of traffic information. Avoid getting fined by speed or red light cameras. See hotspots or areas where there is usually a lot of activity.


Every car radar has the potential to show some false alarms. Although with the IVT filter that this radar is equipped with false alarms are slim to none.

If you would like to use the Escort app service there is a small service fee per month. In comparison to what it costs to pay a speeding ticket you could be saving tons in the long run.


Overall the Escort Max 360 car radar provides exceptional quality and features. Plus with this advanced car raidar you know you are getting your money’s worth. In addition Escort has a wide variety of radars available. Depending on the features and price you can find the best car radar to meet your needs.

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