What does unpainted mean for a car

Have you ever wanted to know what does unpainted means for a car? Some terms for cars are different than in other categories. While unpainted might mean something for a house it means something else for a car.

Unpainted in car body parts

If you’ve looked at car parts you may have seen the term unpainted. Usually, this applies to automotive body pieces. Although it can sometimes refer to engine parts. In car body parts you have to get some pieces painted to match your car’s colors.

If you damaged your bumper and had to get it replaced you’d typically get a new bumper that isn’t painted yet. You would have to take the piece to a paint shop and have it painted to match your car’s color. What does unpainted mean for a car? It means that the part is not painted yet. You will either have to pay someone to paint the part or you could try to paint it yourself.

A lot of car parts can be purchased online. If you need to replace something like a mirror or a spoiler you can buy the parts unpainted. While you’ll be able to install the unpainted parts they won’t match your car’s color.

Sometimes the store where you are purchasing the part can offer an option to have the part painted. There will be an extra charge but you won’t have to worry about finding a paint shop. Otherwise, you’ll have to find and pay a shop to paint the part.

Unpainted Car

Shot of professional repairman preparing vehicle for new paint.

An unpainted car can refer to a car that has been stripped down to the bare metal. Alternatively, it can be a car that has had its paint removed all the way down to the primer. In these cases, there might be a need for some bodywork. After the body is in good condition you can start painting the car with your desired color.

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