What does it mean to jolly rancher someone’s car

If you’ve been on social media for at least the past 5 years you may know that pranking people is pretty popular. Whether it’s couples pranking each other or mechanics making engine-knocking noises Having fun at others’ expense can be fun at times. Although some pranks may take it too far.

What does it mean to jolly rancher someone’s car? It refers to placing a Jolly Rancher candy on a car’s windshield or paint. This is said to crack windshields and ruin car paint. While there hasn’t been any proof that the candies can cause specific damage to cars that doesn’t stop people from trying the prank.

How can a jolly rancher affect someone’s windshield?

The prank states that if you lick a Jolly Rancher and put it on someone’s windshield it can cause damage. When the owner tries to remove the candy the window cracks. While this may sound like it could be true we haven’t located any definite proof of its validity

How can a Jolly Rancher ruin someone’s paint?

Another claim is that when you place a Jolly Rancher on someone’s paint it can cause damage. In comparison to the windshield prank, this seems to be more likely to cause damage. If the Jolly rancher is sticky enough and the paint is old it could end up peeling some of the paint.

Sticky substances like tree sap are known to harm car paint. While there are differences in the compositions of Jolly Ranchers and tree sap the two are sticky enough to probably cause some damage.

To sum up

What does it mean to jolly rancher someone’s car? It means that you place a Jolly Rancher on someone’s car to cause damage. It is usually done to either the windshield or to car paint. While the paint can be damaged it’s unlikely that your windshield will crack as the prank states.

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