Want to be in the next video of Ken Block’s Gymkhana Series?

Now’s your chance! You’ve seen the videos all over the web. At the time of writing this article there is less than a week to get your entries in. You can be part of Ken Block’s viral drifting video series.

You’ll make a cameo appearance while seeing the legendary Travis Pastra do some insane driving. You get to have lunch and talk about the out-of-this-world driving you just witnessed. If you want you can even undergo Hoonigan stunt training.

In addition you’ll get a flight and hotel which are all paid for. There is absolutely no purchase necessary to enter. Although you can gain even more entries by making a small donation Team Rubicon.

Team Rubicon is a private organization that mobilizes veterans to continue their service by responding and working in disasters and humanitarian crises. For a gift as small as $10 you can be entered to win this exciting experience and help a great cause.

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