Volkswagen set to change their name to Voltswagen **Update**

Volkswagen has come out in a statement saying that the name change was all a hoax. Although the amount of publicity and how long they let the joke run may end up putting them in hot water. Especially since the joke affected the company’s stock value.

Volkswagen is a pretty well-known auto brand that sells cars around the world. Things like the Golf and Jetta are iconic cars that most can recognize. With large car manufacturers trying to cash in on the electric vehicle market many are changing their logos and promoting their new electric vehicles.

Volkswagen is said to have some upcoming electric vehicles. Hence why the company is planning on changing its company name to Voltswagen. This is a sign that they are joining other automakers in focusing on creating low emission vehicles.

While some were thinking that this might be an April’s fool joke, like the time IHOP changed to IHOb, it looks like it actually going to happen.

A post was made on the Volkswagen website stating the names change. Although the post was quickly removed. While the name won’t appear on gas-powered cars electric cars show the Voltswagen name.

While rebranding is usually expensive it seems like all they would have to do is remove the name “Volkswagen” and replace it. The logo which displays a V and a W wouldn’t have to be changed.

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