Two Amish men in Ohio pulled over for drinking and driving. Deputies are surprised at what they find inside.

Most people usually see Ohio as being mostly farmland. In most places it’s flat plains. Ohio also has a large Amish community. Although it’s not too uncommon for the Amish to have run-ins with law enforcement this one takes the cake.

A Deputy in Trumbull County, Ohio reported seeing two men drinking alcohol while riding on the back of a buggy. The officer tried to pull over the buggy after he confirmed they were drinking a 12-pack of Michelob Ultra. Soon after the deputy started pulling them over they ran into the woods. The horse continued to pull the buggy until it came to a stop.

Deputies investigated the buggy and found more containers of open alcohol. It was also discovered that the occupants were sporting a radio system with multiple loud speakers. Why is it strange to see the Amish with this modern technology? For those who don’t know the Amish usually stick to doing things the old-fashioned way. They avoid using things like electricity or other modern equipment. It is strictly forbidden.

Shortly after the two ran off into the woods the deputy tried to contact them over the patrol car’s loud speaker. No one emerged from the woods so the investigation is still ongoing. As for the horse and buggy, they were taken to a neighbors house until the owner decided to pick them up.

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