Three teens break into a Lamborghini dealership and steal three cars

Have you ever driven Lamborghini? Just being in a Lamborghini is a rare experience. For a couple of teens they had the expericence of a lifetime. Although I’m sure they are thoroughly regretting it now. Three teens broke into the Herb Chambers Lamborghini right outside of Boston.

The suspects broke the window with a large rock and entered the building. They were able to find some keys and three decided to take off with a Chevy Cruze and two twin turbo v8 Lamborghini Uruses. This break-in immediately set off the alarm and the police were notified.

The thieves were spotted and the police managed to get the Cruze pulled over. The two Lamborghini Uruses managed to get away for a few hours. Later that day one of the Urus rammed into a red Kia Soul. The second other Urus was following too closely and ran into the first Urus.

Both of the thieves tried to run away. Police were able to catch one and the other is still at large. Crazy enough the two thieves turned out to be minors. The driver was transported to the hospital for their injuries.

Source: Boston 25 News

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