There are already more than 20,000 preorders for the new F-150 Lightning.

With $100 you can make a refundable deposit to get your hands on a new F-150 Lightning. The completely electric truck has been talked about for the last few months. Although it made a special appearance during President Biden’s visit to Ford’s Dearborn, Michigan plant.

Days past we have even more information on Ford’s fully electric truck. Not even 12 hours after the public release did the truck manage to get over 20,000 preorders. While the truck can provide transportation for you and anything you need to haul the vehicle is being touted as a power source.

Today you’d be lucky to purchase a new pickup for under $50,000. You might be able to stretch it for a completely basic model. Although, for the new Ford F150-Lightning the starting price is only $39,974. That’s well below average.

Depending on the battery choice the F-150 Lightning can boast 230 to 300 miles on a full charge. For every 10 minutes on a fast charger the truck can gain 54 miles. While we expected a little more for one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers it seems that the quick charge technology is still lacking.

The Lightning can do 0-60 in 5 seconds. In addition, it can reportedly tow 10,000lbs. Not only does the truck provide transportation capabilities but it can also provide power to a house for 10 days. That means if you have a blackout like the ones which happened in Texas you could have emergency power for 10 days.

The truck has eleven built-in outlets that allow you to run a work site or power your home appliances. This truck is breaking new ground and definitely makes us excited for new vehicles with even better capabilities.

Are you going to be purchasing one of these Ford F-150 Lightnings? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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