The crotch cannon is the best hands free way to wash your car

Most car enthusiast love having a clean car. We clean our rides all the time. Depending on how clean you want your car you could spend a whole day detailing it. One problem though is that your hands get tired.

What if there was a way to wash your car without making your hands tired? People typically like using foam cannons because they coat your car it a thick sudsy foam. If you use a high quality foam gun you can get that picture perfect look.

Combine a foam cannon with your pelvis and you can enjoy washing your car for hours. Introducing the Crotch Cannon. No more do you have to worry about not having your hands free.

You can film while your spray a thick load of foam all over your car. Depending on the pelvic thrust you can easily aim and completely cover your car. This Crotch Cannon makes washing your car much more natural.

The engineers who designed this wonder put tons of time and effort into making this a comfortable fit. The shape of the nozzle makes for perfect aiming. Get that stuff where you want it.

With the bottle attached on the back it prevents fatigue and gives your a perfect weight balance. Do you want to have the best car wash of your life? Check out this pleasurable Crotch Cannon.

Source: Bowden’s Own

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