Tesla crashes into two parked cars while using autopilot.

Currently there are no cars on the market that are fully automated or self-driving. That being said that does not keep drivers from putting all of their faith in these “autopilot” features. Using these features requires you to still be aware and to react in case of an emergency.

One driver was fixated on checking on his dog in the back seat. He decided that he would place his Tesla Model 3 in autopilot mode and turn around while the car was in motion.

Meanwhile the Connecticut State Police were securing a disabled vehicle on the side of the road. The two cruisers were stationary with their lights on and they had a flare to notify drivers of the accident. Before they knew it the Tesla Model 3 crashed into one of their cruisers.

Soon after the Tesla also crashed into the disabled vehicle. It rolled a few hundred feet before coming to a stop. Lucky no one was injured during the ordeal. The driver of the Tesla Model 3 later admitted to turning on autopilot. He was charged misdemeanor summons for reckless driving and reckless endangerment.

At this time Tesla has not issued a statement regarding the accident. They have stated before that the autopilot does not make the car self-driving and that the drivers are still responsible for the vehicle.

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Source: Connecticut State Police

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  1. Why does Tesla sell the self-driving ‘feature’ for $10k when it doesn’t work? I know they have a million disclaimers but how do you charge someone for a feature on a car that does not work as described?


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