Tesla beats out Audi on being the 4th largest luxury brand in the US

Tesla has been making big moves for years. A couple decades ago you would have never thought an all electric car could be on the street. Sure you saw them in the movies but something that you could actually drive is a whole different story.

Tesla which registered 200,561 cars in 2020 beat out the Audi which held the title for the fourth largest luxury car dealer in the United States. The top three is BMW with 287,259 cars, Lexus with 271,384 and Mercedes-Benz with 265,600.

Based on the research done by the Experian’s Automotive News Research & Data Center the cars rank in that order. While some may not consider Tesla a luxury brand it does have a nicer interior then most standard vehicles. In comparison the quality in Tesla is much higher than that of other brands.

It’s exciting to see a company making moves so quickly. Granted Tesla is only about 65,000 cars away from Mercedes Benz. Mercedes has been around since 1962 so Tesla with only a few years under it’s belt is getting the job done. We are excited to see what all they have in store.

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