Teens drove a Tesla 350 miles then claimed the car drove itself after getting pulled over

Teslas are actually pretty incredible cars. The advances the brand has made has paved the way for electric vehicles to become more mainstream. While charging in some areas is still an issue it’s cool to see how far we’ve come in just 50 years.

The autopilot feature is one of the major accomplishments Tesla has achieved. Although we have to mention that this is a driver assist feature. The autopilot is not meant to be the only thing in control of the car. That didn’t stop two underage teens from claiming that a Tesla Model 3 drove itself 350 miles.

The two teens were pulled over in Daytona Beach, Florida after the vehicle was caught driving on the wrong side of the road. As police approached the vehicle they noticed that there wasn’t anyone in the driver’s seat. The teens were in the back of the car and claimed that the car drove itself.

Although it is unlikely the car drove itself 350 miles from Charleston, South Carolina, where their trip started, all the way to Daytona Beach. The teens were not even old enough to acquire a license. That didn’t stop them from stealing their parent’s car.

During the traffic stop the Tesla managed to back into the police car. The cop car didn’t get damaged but the Tesla got a nice $300 dent. The “driver” received a citation for driving without a license. In addition, they both had to stay at the Florida Department of Children and Family until their parent arrived.

The sherrif in the area stated,

“These kids are very lucky that no one was hurt and their actions didn’t have more serious consequences. It doesn’t matter if you are driving a ‘smart car’, driving without a license is still against the law. I hope these kids have learned a valuable lesson and I am grateful that no one was hurt and only minimal damage occurred to their vehicle.”

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Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

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