North Carolina chooses to ban the Carolina Squat

While the law doesn’t actually go into effect until December 1, 2021 plenty of people who have the Carolina lean will have to start fixing their vehicles. After three times the driver will lose their license for a year.

The widely discussed bill prevents people from modifying their trucks suspension. More specifically it prevents them from making height adjustments from 3 inches in the front to 2 inches in the rear. The Carolina Squat is the name of the stance people give their truck.

Typically they lift the front of the truck up while the back of the truck is closer to the ground. It doesn’t really do anything performance-wise. It’s just for looks. On Monday the North Carolina House Bill 692 was signed into law by Governor Roy Cooper.


While North Carolina has said that the squatted trucks pose safety concerns there aren’t really any reported accidents. At least not enough to warrant the ban. Although, that didn’t stop them from banning the modifications altogether.

What do you think about the squatted truck trend? Do you agree with the bill?

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