Minivan drags motorcycle down the highway

Driving a motorcycle can be very dangerous at times. The most dangerous part is the other drivers who don’t pay attention. One rider is recovering after being involved in a hit and run incident.

The motorcycle was driving at about 65 mph when he was hit by a minivan going 70mph. The rider was thrown from his bike about 200 feet. Instead of stopping the driver of the minivan keep driving.

He dragged the bike all over the highway as sparks spewed out of the back. Eventually the driver crashed the van with the bike still attached. He then fled on foot. Luckily there were some good samaritans who taped the whole thing and called the police

Police were able to apprehend the minivan driver. 25-year old George Valitin was taking into custody shortly after.

Please be careful around bikes. Pay attention to the road and you couldend up saving a life.

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