How to push a car up a driveway

Do you have a disabled vehicle that needs to be moved up your driveway? It’s one thing to push a car on level ground. It’s another thing to push that 2-ton behemoth up a slope. While the thought of it might seem daunting there are a few ways to push a car up a driveway.

Have you wondered how to push a car up a driveway? This can be done by using a winch, another vehicle, a pulley system or any of the following options.

Human Power

The more the merrier. While alone one person won’t be able to push a car up a driveway. Although, if you enlist some friends and neighbors everyone can chip in and provide enough strength to push the vehicle up.

One person should be on standby to stick a wedge behind the tires to prevent the vehicle from rolling back. Little by little you can push the vehicle up and wedge it. With enough manpower anything is possible.

A Winch

Another way to push a car up a driveway is to use a winch. A winch is a device that winds up a cable or a chain. These are powered by a motor and are able to move heavy loads. If you drive an SUV or a Jeep that has a winch installed you can attach the line to an anchored bolt in your garage. From there you can run the winch and the car should slowly move up.

If you don’t have a winch installed on your vehicle you can anchor one to your garage floor. After you attach the winch to the vehicle you can turn it on and it will move the car up the driveway. After you get it on level ground you can detach the winch and push the car the rest of the way.

Another car

Using another car is a great way to push a car up a driveway. The greatest risk is that you might cause exterior damage to one or both of the vehicles. Make some padding in between one car bumper and the other. You can then have someone put the disabled car in neutral. Use the other vehicle to slowly push the car up the driveway.

Make sure you have some way of stopping the vehicle when it makes it into the garage. Otherwise, you may end up hitting something in your garage. If you don’t want to risk damaging the exterior of your vehicles you could create a type of pulley system. Attach on the end of the system to the broken car. Have a pulley anchored in your garage. Run the line through the pulley and attach it to the other vehicle.

As you move the other vehicle back the disabled vehicle will move towards the pulley. Make sure that you are attaching the line to structural parts like a tow hook or a control arm. Attaching to something like a bumper won’t do unless it’s reinforced.

Hire a Tow Truck

If you want to skip the heavy lifting you can hire a tow truck. This truck can move your vehicle into your garage one of two ways. They can either just push it using the truck. On the other hand, they could tow the car onto the bed and reverse it up to the garage. Just make sure you have some way of stopping the vehicle from rolling too far further.

Use the starter

Using the starter is one way to get a car up a driveway. While this might burn out your starter and chew up your flywheel you might be able to get your car up the driveway. However, this won’t work for modern cars. This is because the clutch has to be pressed for the starter to work. If you can start the car without pressing the clutch then this method could work for you. Simply put the car in gear and start it. If there is enough power it should be able to move the car.

Riding Mower

If you own a riding mower or a tractor you could try to tow the vehicle up the driveway. You can either tow the car up directly or try the pully system listed before. Either way, most mowers have enough torque to move a car. Although, the larger the vehicle the less likely this is to work.

To Sum Up

Pushing a car up a driveway isn’t easy work. Although, by using some of the options above you might be able to do it yourself. Just remember safety first. Your life is worth more than your car. Hopefully, these answers have helped you get your car up the driveway.

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