How To Fix Splash Guard Under Car

Splash guards, also known as mud flaps, are an important component of a car’s exterior, designed to prevent debris from being flung up from the tires onto the car’s body and hitting other drivers. They are typically made from rubber and are attached to the car’s frame near the wheels. If splash guards become damaged, the driver is at risk of having debris flung up onto the car and other drivers. If you need to repair your car’s splash guard, here’s what you need to do.

1. Inspect the Damage
The first step is to inspect the damage to your car’s splash guard. Damage can come in many forms, including cracking, tearing or even complete detachment from the car’s frame. Make sure you pay attention to the size and severity of the damage before you move on to the next step.

2. Remove the Damaged Splash Guard
Once you have inspected the damage, it’s time to remove the damaged splash guard from the car’s frame. This can be done with a flathead screwdriver or a pair of pliers. Be careful to not damage the car’s frame when removing the guard.

3. Clean the Area
Once the damaged splash guard has been removed, it’s time to clean the area. This step is important in order to ensure that the new splash guard is securely attached. Use a damp cloth and some mild detergent to clean the area where the splash guard was attached.

4. Attach the Replacement Splash Guard
Now that the area is clean, it’s time to attach the replacement splash guard. If you’re using a new splash guard, make sure that it fits properly before attaching it. If you’re reusing the old guard, make sure it’s still in good condition. You can attach the guard using either screws or rivets, depending on the type of splash guard you have.

5. Secure the Guard
Once the splash guard is attached, it’s important to make sure that it is secure. Check the screws and rivets to make sure they are tight and that the guard is not loose.

6. Test the Guard
The last step is to test the splash guard to make sure it is working properly. Drive the car around the block and make sure that the guard is doing well.

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