How much do mechanics make?

Mechanics are individuals with a considerable aptitude to solve issues effectively. In particular, mechanics help in the repair and inspection of machinery and vehicles. Working as a mechanic might be the best job because it is associated with average stress levels, solid prospects to improve, good work-life balance, receive certifications, and earn a higher salary. Here is a guide on how much mechanics make.

Aircraft Mechanic

Aircraft mechanics refers to professionals with the responsibility of ensuring that aircraft are in good working conditions. They are supposed to undertake inspections given by the Federal Aviation Administration and perform scheduled maintenance repairs and checks. One can undertake to become a certified aircraft mechanic by attending an aviation school where they will do practical, written, and oral tests to obtain a certification. The median salary for an aircraft mechanic is approximately $62 450 per year.

Industrial machinery mechanic

Industrial mechanics replace, repair, and service machinery in factories. They use computerized systems, technical manuals, and their observations to diagnose any issues that heavy-duty machines used in factories might have. In most cases, machinery mechanics begin by working as assistants to experienced mechanics to gain skills. Other machinery mechanics gain the skills to undertake an apprenticeship program or complete a 2-year associate degree program in industrial maintenance. The median salary for an industrial mechanic is approximately $45,420.

Mobile heavy equipment mechanic

Mobile heavy equipment mechanics handle equipment uses in railroad and construction industries. In particular, they repair, service, and inspect equipment used for functions such as lifting beams, tilling the land, and digging the earth. High school students interested in becoming mobile heavy equipment mechanics are expected to take physics, chemistry, and math subjects to prepare for the career. After that, they can attend a vocational school program or community college to learn about diesel technology.

Diesel mechanic

Diesel mechanics handle aspects dealing with repairs and maintenance of construction and heavy transportation equipment, including bulldozers, road graders, cranes, and farm machinery. Most employers like to hire graduates who have pursued a course in diesel engineer repair from a vocational school or community college. Apart from that, diesel mechanics are expected to have various qualifications, including a mechanical aptitude, driver’s license, excellent problem-solving skills, and being physically fit. Professional diesel mechanics earn a median salary of approximately $50,800.

Air Conditioning Mechanic.

The HVAC mechanics handle replacement, repair, and inspections of elements in switches, thermostats, fan, motor, and pump systems. To become an HVAC mechanic, you should take training in heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration provide by vocational or community college. The mechanics should have a license, and they earn a median salary of approximately $47,000 per annum.

Electrical mechanic

Electrical mechanics handle rebuilding, repair, and testing controllers, electric wiring systems, generators, heaters, and motors. They can work in industrial, commercial, and institutional settings. You can obtain the training of an electrical mechanic by pursuing a four to five-year apprenticeship program. The median salary for an electrical mechanical is approximately $40,000 per annum.

Automotive mechanic

Automotive mechanics have the duty of repairing and inspecting all kinds of vehicles. Part of the work encompasses oil changes, tire rotations, and performing basic maintenance. Also, the auto mechanics diagnose serious issues by performing diagnostic tests, evaluating and reading computerized printouts. To work as automotive mechanics, you will be required to pursue an automotive service technology program. Mechanics under this category earn approximately $35,790.

Motorcycle mechanic

Motorcycle mechanics handle all issues dealing with cruisers, all-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes, and choppers. They might also repair jet skis and snowmobiles. There are several community colleges and vocational schools that train motorcycle mechanics. The motorcycle mechanics earn a median pay of approximately $38,500.

Bicycle mechanics

Bicycle mechanics assemble, repair, and maintain bicycles at large stores or shops. They might work independently or in an established business. Some of the bike mechanics complete training courses, while others learn by working with experienced mechanics. The average annual salary for a bike mechanic is approximately $27,000.

Motorboat mechanics

Motorboat mechanics refers to professionals who handle carburetors, engines, and other mechanized parts of motorboats. They also repair and inspect propeller shafts and propellers. In this case, the mechanic might mount motors onto motorboats and operate them to observe if they have any issues. To work as a motorboat mechanic, you will be required to have pursued a specialized mechanical program at a vocational institution or college. The mechanics of this category earn a median pay of approximately $38,600 per annum.

Although mechanics might work in the same field, their salaries might differ in their level of education, region, and work environment. Below are some of the aspects. 

Annual salaries by regional differences

Mechanics ear higher rates in certain parts of the country because location plays a critical role in determining salaries. The median and opt salaries for mechanics in some of the states based on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics include:

  • Alabama’s median salary is $38,650, while the top salary is 60,510.
  • Alaska’s median salary is $55,150, while the top salary is 78,960.
  • California’s median salary is $43,650, while the top salary is 73,410.
  • Colorado’s median salary is $41,910, while the top salary is 68,380.
  • Georgia’s median salary is $35,200, while the top salary is 62,110.
  • Florida median salary is $35,690, while the top salary is 60,710
  • Illinois median salary is $39,810, while the top salary is 75,250.
  • Idaho’s median salary is $37,690, while the top salary is 61,150.

Annual salaries by work settings

Mechanics can work in various settings that can contribute to differences in the amount of salary they will receive. Some of the work environments for mechanics and their average salaries include:

  • Automobile dealers earn approximately $44,770
  • Local government mechanics earn approximately $50,640
  • Auto parts, tire stores, and accessories mechanics earn approximately $35,920.
  • Automotive maintenance and repair shop mechanics earn approximately $38.710.
  • Gas stations mechanics earn approximately $37,350 

Although there are numerous types of mechanics, most of them work in automotive dealerships and maintenance shops. There also some mechanics who earn their wages per hour while others earn a monthly salary. Further, other factors such as level of experience might contribute to differences in the amount of money that mechanics make.

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