Guy Shoves an Isuzu Rodeo in the back of a Uhaul

When you have to get a vehicle moved there isn’t always a means available. You could hire a tow truck but if the distance is too long the cost will rack up quickly.

One man in Washington had a bright idea. So, he shoved what looked to be an Isuzu Rodeo in the back of a U-Haul van. We are surprised he managed to get it to fit. Well, he got it to fit mostly. The rear of the SUV is hanging out.

This was no problem because the guy decided to use a single tow strap to keep the SUV in place. Unfortunately for him a state trooper happened to catch wind of this and pulled the man over. He was fined $139 because didn’t properly secure the load.

It also turned out that the guy didn’t have a license and the Uhaul was overdue to be returned. Both vehicles got impounded. While it might have seemed like a good idea to rent a $20 Uhaul and haul his vehicle it turned out to cost quite a bit more. How did he even end up getting the SUV in the back of the Uhaul?

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