Father and son arrested for street racing.

Have you ever been to a street race? They can be exciting to watch. Plus if you’re in the driver’s seat you get a nice shot of adrenaline. Although they can be dangerous and even fatal at times. You could end up taking your or someone else’s life.

A father and son were arrested and they had their cars impounded. The two were racing on a public road in Fairfield, California. One was driving a 2004 Pontiac GTO while the other was driving a new Dodge Challenger.

While we don’t know who actually won the race the two ended up passing an officer who was finishing up with another car. The officer stated that the two were doing 70mph in a 35mph zone.

Their cars were impounded for 30 days and a court date was set. Lucky for them no one was hurt. Maybe they’ll think twice about doing that again. Are you for or against street racing? Let us know in the comments below!

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