Dodge challenger runs into a light pole during a streetcar takeover

Most “Real” car guys will agree that streetcar takeovers are a problem. Not only do the events host dangerous stunts that result in people being injured or cars being crashed but it also creates negative depictions of car enthusiast.

To shut down a street and have people doing donuts close to onlookers is a recipe for disaster. Many get arrested and cars get impounded. In the name of what? Clout or fame? These events probably won’t stop which means governments will be able to create more restrictions are car enthusiast and their passion.

One prime example is a Dodge Challenger which ran into a light pole. Cars were driving recklessly in a roadway. The Dodge turns to the right and ends up plowing straight into a light pole. He nearly hit someone which could have been deadly.

The front of the car is completely destroyed. Many of the people standing around ran towards the car to film the damage. While it might seem harmless it’s making a bad name for those who love cars. What are your thoughts? Let us know below!

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