For Pi Day 2021 you can play Simon Says on the Google Calculator

We are just a couple days away from Pi day 2021. The special occasion isn’t for the delicious food, while tasty, it’s actually a day when we remember the a certain string of numbers. More specifically Pi is the ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that circle. Google has been known for having little easter eggs on their site for certain dates or events.

It turns they placed one of these hidden gems in their Calculator for Pi day 2021. If you visit the Google calculator you’ll find a PI symbol surrounded by sparkles. After pressing the symbol you’ll enter into a game of Simon says. There you will get a series of numbers to try and memorize. The more numbers you can remember the higher the score.

This easter egg was first found on Facebook by Nathaniel Trotter.

Pi is used in multiple automotive applications. From factoring the cars suspension geometry to internal components. Without Pi we would have the cars that we drive every day.

Let us know what your high score is below! Try now!

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