Can You Use Dry Erase Markers On Car Windows

Can You Use Dry Erase Markers on Car Windows?

Dry erase markers are a great way to write a quick note or draw a picture, but can you use them on car windows? The answer is no. While dry erase markers don’t typically damage glass, they will not be permanent and will not last on car windows.

Dry erase markers are designed to be used on non-porous surfaces, such as whiteboards or glass. They are not meant to be used on paint or other surfaces as they may damage them. Car windows are made of tempered glass and are not considered a non-porous surface. The glass is treated to be very hard and durable, but it is still porous enough for the ink to be absorbed and not stay on the surface.

Even if you were able to get the ink to stay on the car window, it would not last very long. The heat and sunlight from the sun will cause the ink to fade quickly. The ink is not designed to withstand the extreme temperatures and UV rays that car windows are exposed to on a daily basis.

In addition, the ink from dry erase markers can be difficult to remove from car windows. The ink will not just wipe off like it would from a whiteboard or glass surface. You would need to use a special cleaner or solvent to get the ink off. And even then, it may take multiple attempts to get it all off.

So, while you may be tempted to use your dry erase markers on car windows, it is not recommended. The ink will not be permanent and could cause damage to the car window. It is best to stick to using them on whiteboards or glass surfaces.

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