Can you recondition a NiMH battery 

It seems like everything nowadays runs on batteries. From our phones to our tv remotes there is always something that needs a charge. Unfortunately for consumers, we have to constantly replace batteries after they lose their charge. Not only do you have to go out and buy batteries but now you can’t use the device you wanted to.

Can you recondition a NiMH battery? Yes, it is possible to recondition these batteries. That means less money for you. There is this method you can take to recondition your NiMH battery and get some more juice.

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What is a Nimh Battery?

A NiMH battery or Nickel-metal hydride batteries are better known as rechargeable batteries. With the chemical reaction of the alkali metal and hydrocarbon electricity is produced. NiMH batteries can typically hold and produce as much power as standard alkaline batteries. Although, if they are kept in good shape they can be recharged hundreds of times.

NiMH batteries do cost more than standard batteries by with cost eventually evens out as they can be recharged. If you have a battery that won’t recharge you may want to check out the guide on how to recondition a NiMH battery.

These batteries are shelf-stable. They can be recharged multiple times. On the other hand they hold the charge for very long. The rule of thumb is that NiMH batteries can lose 20% of their charge after one day. This means that you’ll have to make sure that you keep the batteries juiced up.

What’s the difference between NiMH batteries and NiCaD batteries?

Both of these batteries use similar processes. Although, the chemical composition of the batteries varies. The NiMH batteries use hydrogen to produce electricity. This makes them lighter than their counterparts but they don’t always have the same capacity.

Battery Reconditioning 4 You

NiCad or standard Alkaline batteries replace hydrogen with cadmium. Bother batteries can provide stable power to your device. Just note that NiMH batteries tend to lose their power over time. They must be recharged regularly.

What are NiMH batteries used for?

NiMH batteries can be used for most consumer devices. Anything that can run on an alkaline battery can run on a Nickel-metal hydride battery. From cameras to rc cars these batteries can provide power to operate your device.

The positive side of NiMH batteries is that they can be reconditioned and recharged. The process of reconditioning NiMH batteries involves draining and rejuvenating the battery. NiMH batteries can become dormant so reviving them if they have sat for a while is a must. The guide for rejuvinating NiMH batteries can walk you step by step showing you how you can return that battery to new.

Tips to keep your NiMH Batteries lasting the longest?

One tip to making your NiMH last longer is to make sure that they completely drain. When you are getting ready to use them again make sure that they recharge to 100%. Full-charge cycles help your NiMH batteries maintain their integrity.

Battery Reconditioning 4 You

Another option to help your NiMH batteries last longer is to freeze them when they aren’t in use. Fully charging the batteries and placing them in a vacuum-sealed bag, and placing them in the freezer can help extend the life of your NiMH batteries.

Why should you recondition NiMH batteries?

Energy is getting more expensive by the day. If you go to the store and look for a package of batteries you’ll notice that prices have spiked. Having rechargeable batteries will save you money in the long run. The fact that NiMH batteries can be recharged hundreds of times and provide reliable power reconditioning the batteries will keep money in your pocket.

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