C8 Corvette breaks axle at TX2K event. Hit of Nitrous to blame.

The new Corvette C8 has been in the eye of car enthusiast everywhere. Owners have recently been taking delivery of the car. Some have run it on the dyno to get the real numbers. Although some have taken it a step further by running it at the drag strip. The guys at LG Motorsports decided to take it right to the track. They make a good pass against a supra without spray. On the third pass they turn the spray on disaster hits.

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LG Motorspots installed the LT2 kit made by Nitrous Express. It’s not yet stated how much spray they were running with but they managed to break an axle. They originally tried to run the car with the nitrous on but the car wasn’t liking it. They stated that it wouldn’t let them shift gears.

On their third run they waited for the car to get into second gear before giving it a “hit.” The axle snapped and the car was disabled on the drag strip. I wonder if this is under warranty? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: LG Motorsports | R&T

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