Bugatti put the Chiron Super Sport on a dyno and made 1,596HP

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is one of the highest-power production cars ever created. It also has a speed limiter so you can only go up to 273 mph. While most won’t be able to drive this fast on public roads it’s amazing to see how far top speeds have come.

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is said to have 1,578 hp from the factory. Although, with cars of this caliber manufacturers tend to underreport how much power the car has. Bugatti recently tested the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport on a special all-wheel-drive dyno.

The car managed to make a whopping 1,596hp. While most dyno tests can vary depending on the type of matching and different variables Bugatti says that this specific dyno produces the most accurate results. With each of the wheels touching the dyno through longer rollers, the results are more close to a real-world scenario.

While the power that the car makes doesn’t all make it to the wheels, with a 20% loss it comes out to a decent 1,282 hp.


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