Boy pushes his BMW into river because he wanted a Jaguar for his birthday instead.

  • • Boy pushes BMW into river because he wanted a Jaguar
  • • The BWM cost roughly $49,000 and the Jaguar cost $70,000 in USD
  • • He then tries to recover the vehicle from the water

Most people usually don’t expect huge gifts on their birthday. It’s not uncommon to get something like a gift card. Well a man in India was gifted brand new BWM M3. Instead of being appreciative of the car this boy pushes his BMW into a river. His parents bought him the BMW which has a value of 3.5 million rupees (about $49,000).

The boy, Akash, wanted a Jaguar and because he didn’t get his way he destroyed the car. You can see in the video as he pushes the vehicle into the river. Later on he joins a team to try to recover the car. Local police are said to be investigation the incident.

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If you were gifted a BWM M3 would you react the same way? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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