Audi loses brakes at 150MPH. Catches fire. Wicked 1320 Audi fire

Street racing always comes with its risks. Sometimes there are wrecks. While other times you have the risk of getting arrested. If you are considering street racing we can stress that you need to be careful.

Unfortunately for this Audi owner being careful probably wouldn’t have prevented this. The highly modified Audi RS3 was doing some pulls on the highway with cars like a Mclaren 720s.

After a few races and one last pull the Audi starts giving off a burning smell. The RS3 has sparks firing out the back. It quickly catches fire. They plan on stopping the car and using a fire extinguisher.

Problems get worse when they realize they don’t have any brakes. They coast along the highway trying to devise a plan to get the car stopped. After a long cost the car finally stops.

By this point the entire engine bay is engulfed in flames. They tried to put out the fire but it had gotten too bad. They cleared the area and waited for the fire department to put out the fire. Luckily no one was badly injured during the incident. Although some possibly had some smoke inhalation.

What would you have done to get out of this situation? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: 1320

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