Angry neighbor reports Evo owner for “boom boom boom” noises

Car guys love modifying their cars. One of the most common mods happens to be the exhaust. Although most regular people complain when they hear a loud car. Usually, they suspect that something is wrong with the car.

While we car guys modify our exhaust for performance it can come with some associated risks. You can get tickets or be fined if your exhaust is too loud. Well, one neighbor in Singapore was pissed off at an Evo owner. He complained that the man would start his car daily at 5am.

The issue is that the Mitsubishi Evolution has a loud exhaust. The angry neighbor referred to the sound as “boom boom boom” noises. The angry neighbor reported the owner to the local authorities. The Land Transport Authority which is responsible for transportation related offenses replied back saying that they would inspect the vehicle.

To modify an exhaust in Singapore you have to have prior approval from the Land Transport Authority. Otherwise you can be fined $2,000 an six months in jail. Do you think it’s ok for the guy to idle his car in the parking garage? It would be one thing if it was in a driveway. Maybe the parking garage reverberates the sound. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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