A truck driver gets fired then decides to plow into his ex-boss’s Ferrari

During these times of furloughs and loss of income, it has been more difficult to maintain our usual way of life. Some people are tight on money where others are barely getting by due to Covid19. Still being able receive a paycheck is a blessing. Although when you have that stripped away from you might be a bit agitating. Well, one truck driver was let go due to a performance issue. He decided to pay the company, more specifically the owner, his own form of justice.

As the story goes a new truck driver had made his first delivery for a company. After his run, it was deemed that he wasn’t the right fit for the company. He was summoned to the Chicago office so that he could be let go. While he was there they fired him. Although they let him know what they would reimburse him for the supplies he purchased ie. trash can, a mattress which was bought for use in his truck.

The company even said that they would buy a plane ticket for him so that he could return home. The truck driver did not want to take their offer and preferred to stay with the company. They denied his request. The truck driver asked if the Ferrari outside belonged to the company’s owner. He then ran outside and jumped in a truck. He rammed the owner’s $260,000 Ferrari GTC4Lusso. Information from TheDrive states that the truck driver said ” “Now you’ll see what happens when you f*ck with me,”

truck driver ferarri
truck driver ferarri

The incident was reported to the police. Do you think the truck driver took it too far?

Source: TheDrive | Twitter

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