A mechanic nearly burns down a garage while welding

Welding takes a certain amount of skill. Just by the looks of the final product, you can know if the person welding has experience or not. With that most professional welders take the proper precautions so that they don’t start a fire.

In addition, a lot of businesses need to have permits just to be able to weld in certain buildings. Mechanics weld pretty regularly. In most cases, it’s just an exhaust pipe that needs to be repaired.

Overall it should be a simple job. Although, if you aren’t paying attention you might actually start a fire. That is exactly what happened to a shop in Bradford.

A mechanic was working on a hatchback which appears to be a Toyota Matrix or maybe a Honda Fit. Either way, everything seemed fine until a couple of minutes in. You can see that there is something shining inside the car. After some time you can see that the inside of the car is on fire.

Because the car is up on the lift no one notices the flames for a while. The fact that welding was already being done the mechanics probably ignored the burning smell. The flames in the car grew and fully engulfed the back seat.

It wasn’t until a mechanic was walking across the shop that they noticed the car was on fire. Thankfully with quick thinking they managed to lower the car. With some fire extinguishers, they doused the flames and prevented the fire from spreading.

If they hadn’t acted so quickly the entire garage could have caught on fire. Do you think there could’ve been precautions they could have taken to prevent this? Let us know below!

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