A guy filming his squatted truck runs himself over

Squatted trucks have become all the rage. It has gotten so bad that some states have considered banning the Carolina Lean altogether. The Carolina Lean or the squatted truck refers to when the front of the truck is lifter or higher than the rear.

While not a lot is known about the origins of the squat many have picked up the trend and applied the styling to their trucks. One man was trying to film what looks like a TikTok video. While common sense would tell you that hopping out of a moving vehicle is dangerous many do it for fame.

This truck owner decided to make a video while his buddy sat in the truck out of the window. The driver hops out of the moving truck and tries to dance along. Little does he notice that his truck is increasing in speed.

Before he knows it his show gets stuck under the rear wheel and the truck runs him over. Lucky for him it looks like he survived. Although, we can’t say that he isn’t going to feel that pain for a few days.


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