18 year old dealership lot attendant crashes a Ferrarri F12. *age unconfirmed”

Usually when you work with high dollar merchandise you give extra special time to ensure nothing gets damage. An unconfirmed 18 year old was working the lot of a dealership in Massachusetts. At some point he was moving the car and ended up wrecking it.

It’s not yet clear if the attendant was moving it to another lot but for some reason he ended up on the highway. With all of that 720HP and those slick roads one little blip of the throttle could have spun this car out. As you can see in the photos the Ferrari F12 slammed into the guard rail.

Buying this car new would cost you a whopping $300,000 plus.. Unfortunately they lost the value of the car in a split second. Someone was able to get a screenshot of the car listing before it was taken down. Let us know what you think in the comment below!

Source: TireMeetsRoad | Imgur

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