You can now get 6 months in jail for just witnessing a street race.

Whether you want to admit it or not most car enthusiasts have engaged in a street race or at least witnessed one. Some race from a roll others line up and wait for the light. If you take safety precautions it can be safe and enjoyable to street race. There are times that accidents happen and some can be fatal. Well California has just passed a law that allows officers to arrest anyone within 200 feet from a street race or any other reckless automotive activity ie. burnouts, revving, donuts.

The penalty can start off with $1000 and six months in jail for just watching! In San Jose which is notably one of the worst for reckless activity. Usually it’s the street take overs which cause the most trouble. Instead of conducting a quick race these guys shut down entire streets to do donuts and stupid stunts. The goal is to do the most crazy stuff so you get street cred on social media.

The police can now arrest anyone 200 feet within some reckless driving on a private road or off road [parking lot. The law states, “It shall be unlawful for any person to (1) Be knowingly present as a Spectator at a Street Race conducted on a public street or highway; or (2) Be knowingly present as a Spectator at a Reckless Driving Exhibition conducted on a public street or highway or in an Offstreet Parking Facility.”

In addition you can also get charged for being in a spot getting prepared for reckless activity. The police department believes that the illegal activity it more likely to happen if people are there waiting to watch it.

In conclusion you need to be careful if you choose to attend car meets or these events. If you are at a cars and coffee and some idiot decides to do a burnout you could be in trouble. What do you think about this new laws? Should they be able to arrest people for just being near a street race? Let us know in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “You can now get 6 months in jail for just witnessing a street race.”

  1. They Need to ban these “car gang” meetings at our shopping centers as well… all these modified and scraping vehicles are dangerous! especially these drift racers… they should be impounded and crushed!

    • Shut up Karen, I bet you’re an anti vax mom that’s voting for Bernie. Don’t be like Karen people, no body like’s a Karen.

    • Yeah but at least these same window licking law making liberals are legislating laws allowing creeps to smoke dope right? that’s a much better deal to have pottheads in traffic driving cars around you, your family/children etc??? Get a clue….

    • Not all the groups are bad we just had a meetup in a parking lot yesterday in memory of a little biy here in colorado who was harmed and passed at the hands of his step mom. We had over 400 cars and bikes and bot one issue.

  2. I believe that the SIDE SHOW activity needs to stop.. Too many people getting hurt.. That’s not what the CAR SCENE is about.. But CAR MEETS are a different story.. I’m VP of my car club and we don’t condone in any of the sideshow activities.. We hold meets and cohost with other crews, but we are true car enthusiasts that are trying to make the CAR SCENE great again!!!!

  3. Slide shows are what ruin it for everyone just STOP THE SLIDE SHOW. Car community is about the build and show. yeah it’s fun to do a burn out once in a while but doing slideshows when your recklessly hitting your car on purpose and hitting other people like what’s the point of that and it’s not even junk cars that are getting destroyed. And then there’s the people that bring guns and start shooting out of nowhere like Bullet come down that’s not safe.


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