Woman had an alligator in her yoga pants at traffic stop

Woman has an alligator in her yoga pants

Well Sheriffs in Florida are dumfounded to find out that Woman had an alligator in her yoga pants. It not uncommon to see individuals trying to conceal illegal substances during a traffic stop.

The Sheriffs had stopped the two for running a stop sign. When asked the driver gave permission for the Sheriffs to search their vehicle. The driver had stated that they were collecting frogs and snakes from under an overpass. As a result the deputy found 41 striped turtles inside a backpack.

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The deputy asked the passenger if she had anything else when she pulled out a foot long gator from her yoga pants. After everything was discovered the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission took control of the investigation. A Woman had an alligator in her yoga pants is not a phrase you hear too often. Let us know your thoughts below!

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