What’s the measurement of ugga dugga to ft lbs?

Have you ever heard a mechanic talk about an Ugga Dugga. Maybe you’ve been online and seen a mechanic meme. While the term is more or less a joke some have asked how an Ugga Dugga equates to ft lbs.

What’s the measurement of Ugga Dugga to ft lbs? 1 Ugga Dugga is about 80ftlb. For stronger impact wrenches, the Ugga Duggas can apply more torque. While it might sound like a real unit of measurement it isn’t. It’s is an inside joke for mechanics and car guys

Most bolts require a good amount to be tightened or removed. Typically you use a torque wrench to verify that the nuts are tight. Torque wrenches have settings that allow you to apply a certain amount of torque to a bolt.

Most if not all bolts have a torque rating specified by the car manufacturer. Although, in some instances, there isn’t a torque wrench around. Instead, mechanics would just use their air impact wrenches to secure the bolts. While this can work at times it’s always best to make sure everything is torqued to specifications.

The term Ugga Dugga was originated as a measurement of tightening things with just an impact wrench. Depending on the impact wrench the torque power can vary. When someone says an Ugga Dugga they are referring to a pull of the impact wrench’s trigger for a few seconds to tighten a bolt.

The more times you press the trigger the more Ugga Duggas you’re applying. When someone says to hit it with an Ugga Dugga they mean just tighten it down with an impact wrench and send it.

Urban Dictionary refers to an Ugga Dugga as,

Unit of Measurement regarding time and usually torque. Often found in automotive stores, mechanic’s garages, and redneck tractor pulls.
Ugga duggas can be counted infinitely, but it is commonly understood that 5 Ugga duggas is the maximum for torque, while three Ugga duggas is sufficient to hold most projects.

While the whole thing is funny just remember that you should always make sure things are correctly tightened unless you want your wheel rolling down the road without you.

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