What’s the best front splitter rod

Aero parts on a car are important. Not only do they look cool but they can also provide some added performance. As your car moves air underneath the car can lessen the contact the wheels have to the ground. If you can’t put the power to the ground it could slow you down.

What’s the best front splitter rod? The AeroflowDynamics splitter rods are far superior than others. While there are less expensive splitter rods available on Amazon you probably don’t want to trust your splitter staying on with some cheap ripoff.

AeroflowDyamics splitter rod specifications

  • 8″-10″ Stainless Steel adjustable in
  • Will fit with any splitter requiring a 8-10″ rod or any Aeroflowdynamics splitter 
  • Sold in a pair
  • Multiple colors available

AeroflowDynamics splitter rod features

These AeroflowDynamics splitter rod are made of stainless steel. This rigid construction gives you the peace of mind that your splitter isn’t going to fly off on the highway. While others are made of aluminum alloy that can oxidize these are created with high-quality steel.

That means that they won’ easily corrode like their counterparts. You should get as much life out of these splitter rods as you do your car. The rods are also adjustable from 8″ to 10″. Be sure you find out the correct measurements for your splitter to ensure that these work.

Although with the adjustment of these AeroflowDynamics splitter rods they should work for most splitters. With the Aero flow splitter rods you get two in a pack. You don’t have to worry about extra money for extra rods to complete your project.

In addition, these splitter rods come in different colors to work with your application. The question is do you want splitter rods that corrode and fall off or that stay and hold the aero parts on your car


  • Highly strong and durable
  • Easy to install
  • Exceptional fit and finish.
  • Provides a secure point for your splitter
  • Safe to use at high speeds


  • Higher price than other options

To sum up

AeroflowDynamics splitter rods are better than their competitors. From being made from sturdy stainless steel to having adjustments and color variations these splitter rods will work great for your race car.

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